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The Professional Favorite Package

The Professional Favorite Package


The "Professional Favorite" Package - Reg $ 18,900

The quilting package 9 out of 10 professionals and serious hobbyists choose. Everything you need!

  • A1 Longarm Model 923 Elite Platinum machine head with Ergo-Grip fully repositioning handles
  • 12’ Steel Table
  • Remote Controlled Ergo Lift™ Hydraulic Lift System
  • 7" Touch Screen
  • Elite Platinum Stitch Regulator with Needle Positioner  
  • Batting Access Lifting Lever
  • Laser Light & Stylus
  • A1-King Base & A1 Ruler
  • Saddle Stool and Remote Control FOB
  • Starter Supply Plus Package: Bobbin Winder, 20 Bobbins, 1 Extra Bobbin Case, 4 Packages of Needles, 6,000 yards of Quilting Thread, Machine Oil, T-Pins, Stewart Plank's Maintenance Video, Comprehensive Manual and A1 logo magnetic pin holder
  • Free Software upgrades for 3 years (labor not included)
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Crating fee included (shipping charge will be extra based on best quote from 3 carriers)
  • Certified A1QM Dealer Installation & Training


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Sunday, December 16, 2018