Elite Platinum Stitch Regulator  3 Unique Stitching Modes! Baste, Regulated and Cruise Mode for perfect stitching no matter the job at your finger tips
· ErgoLift Hydraulic Table Lift* w/ Remote Control FOB AN A1QM INNOVATION! Position the Table Height EXACTLY for Healthy, Comfortable Quilting. You Can Even Sit to Quilt!
· “Tracknology” Wheel System™ AN A1QM INNOVATION! Superior Smooth Wheels, No Wobbles Ever. For Those who Demand the Best Wheel System Available.
· Light Weight Cast Aluminum Head A Quality Machine Head that is not welded! Strong, sturdy & lightweight.
· Hi-Tech Machining Process For A Quiet Durable Machine
· Exclusive Webbing Design in Casting Reduces Machine Vibration
· Integrated Molded Bearing Mounts Another A1QM INNOVATION
· Gear Timing - Cast Iron Bushings The Very Best Timing Method/Long Life
· Hardened Steel Bushings on Needle Bar Not Brass, but Steel! 100 yr. Warranty – No replacement ever!
· 9” X 23” Throat Size To Accommodate any Quilt Size
· Dual Variable Speed Controls Located Near Both Handles, Easy to access and adjust
· 9” X 17” of Quilting Space Plenty of Quilting Space even for the Large Panto Designs & Motifs. Just the right length, reduces stress and injury to your shoulders.
· Hopping Foot Glides Over Seams and Provides Stability for Templates
· Large Capacity M Bobbin More Quilting Time, Less Bobbin Winding!
· 4 Premium Ball Bearings on Main Shaft Results in a Super Smooth Machine!!!!
· Easy to Thread from Either Side You can Thread from Either the Front or the Back with Ease!
· Dual Laser Controls & Laser Light* Plug laser into Back for Pantos or Up Front to Insert Beautiful Motifs
· Heavy Duty DC Motor Powerful, Efficient Running Motor!
· Cast Iron Bushings on Lower Shafts Not Brass but Cast Iron for Longer Life
· 2 3/8 Non Bowing Tubes Strong, Resists bowing
· Batting Access Lifting Lever Unrestricted, Full Access to all Quilt Layers
· Auto Batting Feed Stores and Feeds Batting from Under the Table
· Single Crank Lifting System Raise Both Ends Equally and Simultaneously
· Fabric Tensioning Gears with Fine Tooth Adjustment Allows for Very Accurate Fabric Tensioning
· Fabric Advance* Advances & Reverses the Quilt With a tap of your toe!
· Large Machine Hook To Accommodate the large M Bobbin so you can quilt longer
· Industrial Belt and Belt Guard Safely Shields you from the Belt
· Separate Bobbin Winder Dependable! Place it Where You Like
· Quilting Pattern Shield Panto Pattern Slides Under the Shield & Stays In-Place and Clean!
· 2 Pair Adjustable Straps For Proper Edge Tensioning
· Upgradeable Includes 3 years of Software Upgrades. Always a new machine! You can have the Latest and Greatest Features.
· 10 Year Warranty on Castings Long Time, Long Life, we guarantee it!
· Only Cast Machine In America We are Made in the USA and Proud of it!
· Vibration Free Table Designed like a Bridge, Double Trussed so Pattern Boards are Stable and Vibration is eliminated! Re-enforced every 15”
· Hardened Shafts Never Have to Pry Off the Hook!
· ErgoGrip™ Ergonomically Designed Handle Bars Fully positional handlebars! Put them where you are most comfortable. No more restrictions. Reduced carpel tunnel syndrome.
· Oil Wick Lube System Keeps Your Machine Happy and Humming. Conveniently marked in Red
· Dual Light with Black Light Option ANOTHER A1QM INNOVATION!
· Torque Wheels on Fabric Rollers Easy Adjustment of Fabric
· Fused Electrical System Safety First. Always!
· Built in Thread Lubricator No More Bulky Boxes
· Stewart Plank’s Timing & Tension Video/DVD* Take The Mystery Out of Maintenance
· LIGHT BOX TABLE* AN A1QM INNOVATION! - 12' beautifully illuminated table top for tracing your patterns, applique and great stitch visibility!
· A1QM Micro Bar Micro Stipple With Ease and Control
· A1QM King Base & A1 Ruler With Handle* Extended Ruler/Template Platform & Our A1QM SID Ruler
· Computerized Quilt Gallery  Our entry level computerized quilting system
· Saddle Stool* We Believe in Comfort, So Sit and Quilt and Enjoy!
· A1QM Professional Dealer Support Your local dealer offers set up and training. To locate your A1QM Dealer click here.



Thursday, August 16, 2018