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"Smoothest on Earth"

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You've heard it all your life: little things mean a lot. Details make the difference between just another quilt and your work of art. Old proverbs wouldn't last long if they didn't have a serious ring of truth to them. As one of the original quilting machine manufacturers, we believe we're here today because we pay serious attention to details in creating the most precision-machined, hand-guided, long-arm quilting machine in the world.

We invite you to examine the details, welcome your questions and hope you'll compare our latest model, the 923 A1 Long Arm, with any other machine on the market.

This isn't just a sewing machine-it's a revolution in quilting machine technology.

Overview of Features:
Our A1 Long Arm is the only cast-aluminum (not welded) quilting machine made in the USA. This means the A1 is strong and sturdy, but extremely lightweight and easy to operate and maneuver. It literally glides as it stitches. We designed a 9" x 23" throat to make it easy to thread and sew from either side. Whether you're quilting for pleasure or profit, we painted away that old industrial look to keep you surrounded in beauty. We didn't think professional had to mean ugly.

Inside are other important details. Computerized, precision-machining, molded bearing mounts, gear timing and cast iron bushings may sound Greek to you, but they all contribute in making the machine quieter, with smooth, precise, accurate stitching. We also added a hopping foot to ride easily over seams, and a large capacity bobbin, so you spend more time quilting with less bobbin changes.

In short, we've kept the dependable, solid qualities of the 1950's, updated with today's customized features.


"Smoothest Machine On Earth"

A1 QUILTING MACHINE INNOVATIONS: Leading the Longarm Industry in Ergonomic Quilting Technology

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019